Mountain Ridge Way Products featuring Treats of the Smokies

Mountain Ridge Way Products, LLC (MRW Products) is proud to be located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. 

Back in 2003 we opened a little family store in Berryville, Virginia known as The Virginia Touch or as it became to be known as The Touch.   The store specializing in Virginia Products, Wine and Beer became a favorite of locals and in 2007 was named the Clarke County/Berryville VA Chamber of Commerce Business Of The Year..

In 2008 the brick and mortar store closed but continued selling Virginia Products through our Virginia Touch website:

Today the business is located in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and with the moved decided to reorganize our business into Mountain Ridge Way Products, LLC.  Virginia Products are still the backbone of the business but will be expanding into Tennessee and North Carolina products.

Throughout all the changes we still pride ourselves on maintaining cordial relationships with our customers, answering questions and looking for great new products, just like in our brick and mortar store.  Enjoy the products that are offered and contact us if you have any questions, a response will be forthcoming.  Most of all enjoy the products!



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