Mountain Ridge Way Products

Mountain Ridge Way Products featuring The Virginia Touch

AMERICAN FARMS Smoked Pig Ears for Dogs 5 Count - 2 PACK!

USA Made, American FARMS authentic pig ears are hand selected and slow baked for hours to lock in the natural flavors that only real meat can deliver.


Gunter's Clover Creamed Honey - 1 lb. Jar

Enjoy this wonderful creamy honey on an English muffin, Toast, Muffin, Shortbread for a morning treat! 1 lb. Jar.


Gunter's Clover Honey - Pint (22 oz. nt. wt.) Jar

Gunter's Clover Honey is light in color with a delicate sweetness.  A low moisture content gives it a thicker, richer taste.  Bottled in a reusable Pint Mason Jar - 22 oz. nt. wt.


Gunter's Honey Mix-n-Match - Case of 3 (5 lb. Bottles) - 15 lbs of Honey

Save! The Choice is Yours and if you can't choose then Mix-n-Match!  15 lbs of Delicious Gunter's Honey.


Gunter's Sage Honey - 1 lb. Jar

Light in color, with a heavier body and delicately floral.  Great for cooking.  High in fructose and low in sucrose/glucose. 1 lb. Jar.