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Falling Bark Farm Barrel Aged 180 Reserve Cask Hickory Syrup

Take Falling Bark Farm all natural Small Batch Hickory Syrup and age it for 100 Days in a Catoctin Creek Whiskey Barrel (Organic Distillery) and you have a wonderful rich tasting hickory syrup.  Ingredients: turbinado sugar, hickory bark extract, 100 Days aged in Whiskey Barrels

Use as a finish on pork chops or a pork roast.  I you like an Old Fashioned, replace the sugar with this hickory syrup, add a couple of Moonshine marinated cherries and you have an old time drink that is a new experience.

The hickory bark extract is made from hickory bark from the shagbark hickory tree in particular which is shed naturally, so as not to harm the tree in any way.  This allows the tree to remain a sustainable resource.  Once gathered, the bark is scrubbed clean, roasted much like coffee beans to enhance the flavor, put through a proprietary extraction process, aged, and filtered, before introducing a minimally refined cane sugar, turbinado, to develop its exquisite taste enjoyed the world over.

Approx. Fluid Ounces 12
Container Type Glass
Additives 100 Days in a Catoctin Creek Whiskey Barrel (Organic Distillery)
Ingredients turbinado sugar, hickory bark extract