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House Dry Rubs

House Dry Rubs | Ashman | Virginia Product

The House Seafood Spices and Rubs by Ashman are all natural and delicious on many varieties of fish.  But fish is just the start, they are also delicious on beef, chicken pork and vegetables.  Try our best selling Bayou Blackening Rub. with it's spicy finish or the Scandinavian Salmon Rub with it's touch of dill or the Smoky BBQ Fish Rub with it's Smoky flavor and a hint of BBQ Spices.   House rubs also capture the taste of the world with their: Tuscan Seafood Seasoning; Yin Yang Asian Seafood Sprinkles; Bombay Blast and Spanish Fish Rub. 

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"Rub It In" Pick You Own Spice Rub 4-Pack Sampler

Choose from the House brand Spice Rubs.  4 Jars Mix-N-Match.


Ashman House Bayou Blackening Spice

These Cajun Spices liven up any seafood dish. - 4 oz Jar - Gluten Free


Ashman House Bombay Seafood Blast

Give your favorite fish dish with this Indian inspired spice blend. -  4.5 oz nt wt Jar - Gluten Free


Ashman House Crab and Shirmp Boil

Spice up Shrimp, Crab, Crawfish and more. - 6 oz Jar - Gluten Free


Ashman House Scandinavian Salmon Rub

Give fish a light dill flavor the caramelizes beautifully. 5.5 oz Jar


Ashman House Smoky BBQ Fish Rub

Smoky and spicy seasoning for fish, poultry, pork or beef - 4 oz Jar - Gluten Free


Ashman House Spanish Fish Rub

Great on salmon, tuna, striped bass, grouper, and scallops! Also try it on chicken or pork! 3 oz nt wt Jar.


Ashman House Tuscan Seafood Sprinkles

3 oz jar full of great Tuscan flavor for Seafood and Fish, Pork, Chicken. Sprinkle on Vegetables. Gluten Free.


Ashman House Yin Yang Asian Seafood Sprinkle

Give your Seafood Spicy Asian Blast! 4.5 oz nt wt jar.