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New Arrivals!

New Arrivals!

Enjoy these products that are new to Mountain Ridge Way products or are new configurations of existing products (mix-n-match, case pricing.....).

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AMERICAN FARMS Smoked Pig Ears for Dogs 5 Count - 2 PACK!

USA Made, American FARMS authentic pig ears are hand selected and slow baked for hours to lock in the natural flavors that only real meat can deliver.


Gunter's Sage Honey - 1 lb. Jar

Light in color, with a heavier body and delicately floral.  Great for cooking.  High in fructose and low in sucrose/glucose. 1 lb. Jar.


Ashman House Lemon Chipotle Aioli

The bright taste of the lemon and the smoky spicy chipotle makes the is a great sauce for seafood as well as vegetables, sandwiches and more. - 8 oz Jar - Gluten Free


Treats of the Smokies - Mountain Gold Honey - Pint (22 oz. nt. wt.) Jar

Treats of the Smokies Mountain Gold Honey is golden, thick and rich.  Packaged in a reusable Pint Mason Jar - 22 oz. nt. wt.