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2 Pack of Pear Jam
Each Jar 19 oz. nt. wt.

Enjoy the clean, fresh taste of our Pear Jam.

Accompanies soft cheeses like brie or goat cheese, a finishing touch on chicken, pork or ham, or spread on a fresh scone or muffin.

Take Your Pick the Treats of the Smokies Variety Packs!

Mix or Match Treats of the Smokies: Jellies, Jams, Butters and Honey.

If you like variety try Our Pick 2 or Pick 3 Samplers. Create Your Own Pack. Makes Perfect Gifts!

Pick 2 - Two Pack Mix-N-Match

Pick 3 - Three Pack Mix-N-Match

Approx. Fluid Ounces 1 Pint
Container Type Glass
Items Per Case 2
Net Weight 19 Oz. Nt. Wt.
Ingredients Sugar, Pears, Pectin, Citric Acid

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